The reusable parcel : the end of e-commerce waste

Only available for shipping to France at the moment.

Hipli parcels are made to be used 100 times and they can be folded to be send as a letter in any street mailbox.

  • A lesser environmental impact, measured by external studies.
  • Three sizes of envelopes
  • A secured zipper to protect your clothes
  • An ecofriendly package for your delivery

How it works?

  1. Add item(s) to your cart
  2. Choose Hipli at your delivery options
  3. You receive your order with your reusable parcel and your item(s)
  4. You send the parcel back for free to Hipli warehouse (and then to us). And it's gone again!

HIPLI parcels are available for France shipping only at the moment.

Reduce your environnemental footprint:

Use again to reduce the impact:

A cardboard box can travel two or three times if the stars line up. Most of the time, it is only used once. This packaging is conceived to travel back and forth a hundred times.

Hipli parcels have most of the time a lower environmental impact compared to alternative solutions. But their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness: they must be reused.

Currently Return Rate: 89%

What about the return ?

A parcel going back and forth is sometimes hard to consider as a good idea. So let’s take a moment to look at it.

 First of all, each parcel is traveling the same way, whether they are reusable or not. The difference is that, in one case they are traveling around one after the other, in the other case, only one parcel is doing a series of kilometers.

The environmental footprint of transportation depends on the mode of transportation (lorry, ship, plane …), on the distance and on the weight.

The distance :

You understand that a Hipli packaging rambles a lot to complete its mission: if it is reused a 100 times, it travels 144 500 km in its lifetime.

For a single use parcel, Hipli had to work in theory to measure the distance travelled, each online seller using different parcels and suppliers. If they are produced in Europe, a hundred cardboard boxes travel 200 000km. Yes, more than reusable parcels, because they have to be carried in lorries. A hundred times. 

And if, in the ideal case, card boxes are produced in France, the number of kilometers is 100 000km. It is less than a reusable parcel, but the environmental impact remains higher. As by definition, a new single use parcel needs to be produced each time.

If you've held up so far and you want to dig a little more, you can read the entire study here.

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