The Signature Collection

The Signature Collection

We’ve replaced our tab branding, with the Ben Sherman signature logo taking its place; a more personal touch that’s instantly recognisable – picking out some of our bestselling, most essential pieces from our range and turning back the clock. Meet the Signature collection – Ben Sherman classics, reinvigorated. Don’t worry – the Ben Sherman philosophy remains. Premium quality, harking back to the iconic styles of the 60s, 70s and 80s - with a new focus on sustainability, and reinvigorating what makes Ben Sherman an authentic British legend in menswear.

Ben Sherman tee

The original Harrington jacket has returned to the shape it was best known for; a looser, blouson style jacket with a longer length and back rib design, with Ben Sherman’s signature branding on the chest and a fully lined interior, with a house check design that runs all the way through to the zip – ensuring it remains visible.

In the 80s, this check was the identifier. The house check was a star of subculture in its prime, adopted by Mods, Punks, Ska and Suedeheads alike – uniting several groups in a common love of quality clothing.

Harrington Jacket

The hugely popular Ben Sherman polo shirt is another line we’ve updated – with a focus on sustainability. Our Signature Polos are being rebuilt in premium, organic cotton fabric. You will have noticed that the branding has taken on the signature logo, with a tipped stripe detailing in the original proportions of Ben Sherman’s past.

With a mod target snap on the back of the collar, a classic fit and a huge range of vibrant colour schemes, the new Signature Polo is a must have - an essential way to style out your casual wardrobe in a true, bona-fide classic.


The Signature collection is the equivalent of stepping back and looking into what makes Ben Sherman truly legendary; recapturing the golden age of subculture into more sustainable, innovative menswear for the man on the move. Even if the wild years are over, and you’re no longer taking a ride out to the coast, you can still pick up the heritage icon and maintain the spirit.

signature collection

This is Ben Sherman’s Signature Collection. Cool Britannia is back.